The countdown is over and we are ready to rock!

You’ve been working on your strategy for months and here we are finally, ready to take advantage of two of the most profitable events of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

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Because this important week is finally here, we want to give you some quick tips to improve your social media strategy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

And, if strategy is important, analytics are essential so, in the second part of this article, we will talk about the best social media analytics tools. Ready?

How to prepare your social media channels for Black Friday 2021

Social Media Advertising is essential for any business to increase benefits and improve reputation. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two important events that can give your brand the visibility you are looking for.

Let’s see how you can prepare your channels

  • Prepare your social profiles

Make sure that all your profile pictures, banners, bios, descriptions and links are updated to advertise Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals.

  • Use dedicated hashtags

Do some hashtag research before you plan your social media campaign, it will help you understand the mood and interest of your audience.

  • Amplify the power of emotions

Remember that the content that goes viral usually makes people feel something.

Social Media tips
  • Go Live on Facebook

Did you know that Facebook Live videos generate 3x longer watch times and 6x as many interactions as non-live video?

  • Host a Twitter contest

in which participants could win gift cards for answering questions.

Your audience will love it!

  • Share User Generated Content

Are people publishing content on social media using your hashtag? They are the real protagonist of your campaigns. So, what are you waiting for to share their content on your social media?

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  • Create exclusive posts for social

This way, you will give people a reason to follow your channels.

  • Use Analytics tools to measure your campaigns

Investigate and inspect your social media campaigns with some useful analytics tools.

5 useful Social Analytics Tools

If you don’t know what we are talking about, this definition will clear your doubts:

Analytics tools are pieces of web application analysis software that are used to monitor, assess and consequently improve social media performance. They are designed to gather and make sense of web performance data produced by social media sites and platforms.


You will probably remember some of these tools because we mentioned them some time ago for Community Management.

You can have an overview of key metrics, real-time reports, and team performance measurement across all platforms.

You can dive deep into your performance on a single network, or quickly compare results across multiple networks at once.

You can benchmark your performance, make decisions based on AI recommendations, calculate ROI, and predict future engagement.

With HubSpot’s analytics tools you can tie social performance to business and revenue growth.

It will help you to better understand your audience demographics, account analytics, your ‘top’ posts, and more.

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Black Friday: last minute tips

Some of you are probably wondering why we are so ‘obsessed’ with Black Friday tips.

This quote will explain the real essence of this “crazy shopping period”:

For some, shopping is an art; for others, it’s a sport. It can be a vice and it can be a cause. Some love it. Some hate it. Rarely is someone indifferent.

Source: Pamela Klaffke (Writer and photographer)

Do you agree? Are you ready to run your Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns?

Don’t worry, with our last minute tips you will surely succeed!

Here you go!

How can brands prepare for Black Friday?

Brands can prepare ahead of Black Friday by updating their marketing channels, creatives and messages to advertise this event and have constant communication with users.

Why is Black Friday important for marketers?

Black Friday, along with Cyber Monday, is one of the most profitable events for marketers. During this period, brands need to put all efforts into maximizing their revenue through creative ideas and a well-planned strategy.