Black Friday: last minute tips

Two of the most important shopping events of the season will soon be upon us: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you’re hoping to take advantage of this period, we have a few ideas to help.

Creative marketing ideas for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

We have already written a post about preparing your website for these important events here and your ecommerce business here. Now, it’s time to optimize your channels.

Create a multichannel strategy

Use your social media channels, push notifications, SMS and other channels to promote your sales. This way, you can spread your message (and your promos) across different channels to reach your audience (and potential clients) in your niche. Multichannel strategies are especially useful when businesses have to fight for the attention of their clients in a highly competitive environment.

Prepare a strategy for your offsite channels

If you are going to work on your multichannel strategy, remember to be coherent across channels. Promote your special sales through offsite channels (social media, SMS, push notifications) to boost visibility, but also keep the same look and feel as on your website.

Black Friday: last minute tips

Last year, Black Friday emails saw the highest number of opens and links clicked. 116.5 million emails were sent. that boosting your email list subscribers with potential customers before the launch of your campaign will almost certainly guarantee a higher number of sales.

Simulate traffic spikes in anticipation

Simulations will help you see how your site responds and enable you to make changes in time. You don’t want your site to be slow and overloaded just when you can significantly increase your sales.

Make sure that your customer service is ready

 Customers will have question and you should be ready. If necessary, add a live chat function to your online store.

Make sure everything works well on mobile devices, too

45.12% of the world’s population owns a smartphone and, on average, app users visit 3 times more pages per session than mobile web users. During the last holiday season (November and December 2020) 40% of revenue came from smartphones.

If you’d like to know more about mobile apps for advertisers, don’t miss this article!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Optimization tips

Black Friday: last minute tips
  • Use banners for deadlines and shipping offers

And, if you can, offer free shipping options.

  • Fix the checkout process

Fix all possible problems in the checkout process before Black Friday arrives.

  • Check all of your links

Run through each link in every email you plan to send, making sure your promo codes are spelled correctly wherever they’re advertised.

  • Don’t forget about logistics

Double-check all the logistics involved in your Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales.

  • Promote gift vouchers

If you cannot offer discounts, send your clients a selected gift voucher. They will come back and buy again on your website.

But the most important advice we can give you before Black Friday and Cyber Monday is to make the customer the most important hero of your story.

What’s the best marketing strategy for Black Friday?

Using a multichannel strategy will allow you to spread your message across all of your channels and reach all your users and potential clients.

What is the best marketing tip for Black Friday?

The most valuable tip is to make sure your site is optimized for the big day. This includes your links, the checkout process, your customer service and checking that your site works on mobile devices too.