The year is quickly moving forward and Easter is just around the corner. That’s why brands are already planning their next marketing strategy to prepare for this time of the year.

If you happen to be out of ideas, this is your lucky day! Today we bring some marketing tips you can follow to make the most of this holiday:

1. Increase your sales with Easter promotions

Everybody knows that a new holiday means a new shopping season, and Easter is no different. In order to boost sales during this period, you can start offering seasonal sales or promotions weeks ahead of the special day. This will remind your audience that Easter is near and will give your customers time to plan for gifts for their family or friends.

Another idea is to offer Easter-themed bundle packages to your customers. Bringing selected products together and creating a special package can come in handy for people that are looking for specific holiday gifts.

2. Prepare your website for Easter celebrations

Probably the most obvious tip is to decorate your website for Easter. Using appropriate-themed elements and designs can bring up the mood for the holidays and increase your audience’s buying motive.

You can also use eye-catching CTAs on both your site and newsletters to promote certain products and offer special coupons, in-store surprises and limited-time offers. The latter is actually a good strategy to boost sales revenue in a short period of time.

3. Leverage your email marketing strategy

Speaking of newsletters, email marketing is a very handy tool to use during this period as well.

We’ve already explained the benefits of email marketing, but if you haven’t read our article about it yet, you can do it here! To put it short, it allows you to reach your audience in a very personalized way and is a good method to increase engagement.

You can use newsletters to approach your most loyal customers and send them Easter greetings and offer them exclusive prices and promotions. Displaying, again, holiday-themed images, appealing CTAs and interactive elements will bring your newsletter game to the next level.

4. Don’t forget social media!

Another key strategy to boost your sales during the holidays is, of course, using social media.

One of the most important features of social media is the ability to interact with your audience. This can provide multiple options of promotion and have a more intimate and engaging relationship with your customers.

For instance, you can run an online Easter egg hunt, contests or giveaways, encouraging your users to leave comments, use special hashtags and follow your accounts. This will create user generated content, which will give you a boost in reach, followers and engagement and, therefore, will increase your brand awareness as well.


5. Paid advertising

The final tip we suggest is not to shy away from paid advertising. While all the previous recommendations are really effective, paid ads can also bring an extra boost in your revenue these holidays.

Doing extensive keyword research and using Easter images and video creatives in your campaigns can help you target and bring the right customers to your website.

 Easter holidays are the perfect time to craft your creative side and build effective strategies to increase your income. After these tips, you’re more than ready to work on your marketing plan!

How can I use social media for Easter promotions?

Social media can give you a wide range of options to leverage your audience and increase your engagement. Interacting with your followers is crucial, so hosting events like contests and competitions will help you increase your reach.

What kind of promotions can I offer for Easter?

Seasonal holidays are always a good opportunity to attract customers with new promotions. You can offer special promotions like bundle packages, exclusive prices, coupons, as well as limited-time offers.