Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing in which brands work with people who have a large group of followers. Brands offer their products and influencers show and promote them on their social media channels. Ifyou are considering using these content creators to help promote your brand, we have some insights.

Is the influence real? 

The amount of followers mean that influencers have aready attracted and engaged people of a certain kind or with specific interests. They have the power to affect the purchasing decisions of these followers thanks to their authority and relationship with the audience.

The power of relationships

The fundamental value of influencers is the trust they have created among their followers. They offer credibility, social proof and attractiveness. Also, they are usually attractive people and we know from fashion or showbusiness how persuasive beauty can be in many sectors.

If an influencer specializes, for example, in cooking, their thousands of followers will not only be interested in a new type of pasta but also confident in the opinions of the influenecr who says it is good. There is also the associated power of popularity. When you see that 50,000 people like and support a product, it must be good, right?

Micro, macro and nano

There are multiple categories of influencers. We tend to know the famous models, singers and “lifestyle celebrities” but there are also niche influencers with smaller, trusted groups of followers. 

Fashion and beauty influencers are probably the best examples, but you will also find influencers dedicated to tech, children, pets, cooking and almost every other subject.

How should you use influencers to expand your reach?

The first step is to understandyour market. You need to work on your strategy to identify the correct social channels for the influencer campaign. This will involve recognizing the demographics, interests and locations of your target audiences. Different social media platforms work differently according to country and age range, for example. The next step is finding influencers in your niche – people who can be identified with your brand – and whose rates meet your budget.

Influencers can promote and show your products well, but success will depend on you identifying the right audiences and platforms

Quality over quantity in influencer marketing

When choosing possible influencers, don’t look only at likes and followers. Their purpose iof using an influencer is not only for them to show your products to their audience, but also to spread your messages to their followers. Don’t be too obsessed with going viral, which is difficult and rare, but focus on the quality and consistency of the messaging. 

Your potential customers are not stupid. They will normally trust the influencer more than an unknown brand, so always be authentic and transparent. Emphasize the benefits of your product clearly so that the influencer can communicate them naturally.

The state of influencer marketing

Instagram is currently the most popular and successful distribution platform for Influencer campaigns due to its highly visual nature. However, trends are constantly changing, so keep an open mind and explore new possibilities and social channel constantly. 

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing where brands promote their products or services via people with a large amount of followers.

What influencers should I choose for my advertising campaign?

You should always choose quality over quantity. It’s better to select one influencer who has a loyal audience over multiple ones without a trusted public.