When days grow longer and warmer, you know summer is around the corner. That’s great news – not just because holidays are coming soon, but also because it’s time to launch your summer campaign and boost your revenue.

Focus on your audience this summer

Ideally, you will have started to strategize your marketing a couple of months before a seasonal campaign, but life mostly isn’t ideal. Let’s start with your audience. What does summer mean to them? What do they think about? How can you leverage these things?

Never underestimate the power of an image! Beautiful, high-quality images will help you start to create a summer feeling in your audience.

If you don’t have any original pictures, don’t worry. There are many great stock photo providers out there. Your job is to choose the ones that perfectly evoke the version of summer your customers are looking for.

Use all relevant channels

The combination of retargeting, social media and email marketing is just what you need. Be sure to include those channels in your strategy and to plan activity adapted to every channel.

Also, don’t just post seasonal content. Even if you plan to launch other types of campaigns, social ads are essential to leverage that social content, increasing visibility and improving results.

Automate your summer campaign’s email marketing

Finally, see our related article on automating your email marketing because you don’t want to be sending emails from the beach, right? Whether you need to inform your customers about new promos and sales, deal with cart abandonment, automating your email marketing allows you to engage with your customers at crucial times and to offer relevant information when they need it.

How do you create a summer marketing campaign?

Think about what your audience wants to experience during summer and appeal to their emotions. You should use all the relevant channels and inform your consumers about new promos and deals.

What are the best channels for summer marketing campaigns?

The most useful channels you can use to launch a summer campaign are social media, email marketing and retargeting. Email marketing is particularly useful if you automate the process.