Easter is around the corner and most marketers have already been working hard to leverage the holiday season. But if you are not among those who have already prepared, here are the best marketing ideas to make the most of Easter. Take a look and don’t miss your chance to grow your sales!

Instant wins are more than you think

They are great to increase engagement rates but also, to collect data. Your game may be simple, but if it’s attractive, users will be more than happy to fill out short forms, provide their email addresses or signup for your newsletter.

Gift cards are a priceless asset

If you want to boost your sales, there is nothing more effective than a little incentive. Use your social media and your website to give away gift cards. This will help you bring more people to your store but also, engage with them. In fact, users often buy more than the value of their gift cards.

Easter surprisers will make your customers happy

Any occasion is right to thank your customers for their support throughout the year and the pandemic has made it specially important. So why not make all these people who make it possible for your business to exist and grow a little bit happier too? Some candy with their weekend shopping, extra points for the next order… The possibilities are uncountable.

What about egg-stra discounts?

Another great option to drive more people to your website and to increase your sales over the weekend. Special occasions usually involve special shopping too, but in times like these, people sometimes need little incentives to make decisions. Uncertainty does not help, but extra discounts and sales will definitely have a positive impact to boost sales.

The hunt is on! Ready?

Organize a digital egg hunt over the long weekend and don’t forget to use all your channels to promote it. Social media, Google Ads, newsletters and sms notifications will help you involve more and more users in the competition. This way, you will grow awareness and engagement, but also provide an incentive to subscribe, interact or purchase.

Gamification is great to interact with your audience, grow engagement and increase user generated content. Are you going to miss the perfect chance to profit from it?

Provide more seasonal content

Calendars with special activities (remember that the Easter holidays mark the beginning of the spring too!), Easter recipes or playlists for instance, will help you generate engagement and retain users. If your content goes beyond the value of your products or services, your customers will be eager to keep consuming it and interacting with your brand or organization. There are a lot of marketing ideas and special activities that you can leverage.

What tactics can marketers use during Easter?

In order to boost your sales during this period, you can offer special discounts and sales, gift cards and extra incentives with an added element of surprise.

Is seasonal content effective?

Of course. Creating seasonal content during special periods of the year is extremely useful for marketers. This will help you generate higher engagement with your audience and retain users.