CRM data

Nowadays, programmatic advertising is a vital part of any digital marketing strategy. Marketers have found it to be quite profitable and they’ve been increasing their spend on it each year. According to ROI Revolution, more than 50% of their media budget!

With so many brands betting for programmatic ads, it’s important to make the most of it so you can use it efficiently.

How can you do that?

One way of taking programmatic ads to its full advantage is by making use of the information from your CRM. So, If you have this kind of data available, you are off to a good start!

CRM data is information about your direct customers regarding their identity and descriptive traits, as well as information about their customer behavior, motivations and buying decisions. It is first-party data, information that your direct audience has provided to you voluntarily and it’s more quality driven than third-party data.

Don’t forget that CRM data also includes offline users. There’s certain information that as a marketer you only have, and it’s something that can add value and set you apart from your competitors.

Some ways you can use your CRM data for your programmatic campaigns

Better personalization

Using more deconstructed and exhaustive information about your current audience can help you reach the potential customers you’re looking for.

CRM data allows you to segment your target audience in a more detailed way and build retargeting audiences.


By having data from customers that have already converted, you can use that information to push different products and be more selective with your segment options.

CRM data

CRM data as a benchmark

Using third-party data can be potentially detrimental to your programmatic ad strategy. It can affect your segmentation and your campaigns may not perform as well as you planned.

So, why not using a more reliable source of data? Since CRM data comes from your direct customers, it’s the most genuine source you can find about your audience.


Understanding the behaviour of your audience must be crucial when the engagement is at low levels. You can use CRM data to conduct your less engaged customers back to your brand and business with strongly targeted campaigns.

How do you use CRM data in programmatic?

You can use CRM data to segment and target your audience in a more exhaustive way, create more accurate retargeting campaigns and re-engaging audiences.

Why should I use first-party data in programmatic ads?

As we’ve discussed, CRM is a first-party source so the data that you use is more reliable and will provide better results than third-party cookies.