Have you recently changed your website or the strategy of your business and do you think that the next natural step will be to update and redesign your business logo? 

Even if it can seem like a simple process and you would like to change everything and create a brand new one, take a deep breath, keep calm and have a look at these tips. 

Do you need to refresh it or to redesign it?

Are you sure that your logo is completely outdated and you need a new one? Or do you maybe just need to refresh it? 

Refresh and redesign are not the same concept. A refresh is when a designer makes small changes to your actual logo, updating colors or adding a message.

Redesigning, instead, usually is a consequence of a complete rebranding of the business.

Look at the story of your business

To understand where you want to go, you have to start from where you come from. The past of your business, your traditions and story are fundamental. Don’t underestimate them, the past can bring you inspiration for the future.

Redesign your logo: keep what is working

We are sure that, if you have in mind a rebranding process, you would like to change everything of your actual logo. Don’t do it just yet. Your logo is the visual representation of your business, the image that people have in mind when they think of your services. Your old logo could be boring and old fashioned but it could be etched in their minds.

Isolate the elements of your actual logo that you would like to save. It could be some of the colors, the style or just the inner meaning.

Redesign your Logo: identify what you don’t like and what you want to change

Identify all the elements of your actual logo that you don’t like and that you want to remove, you will have a clear idea of what you need to change and update.

Your business = Your colors

Colors are very important and they are connected with the perception of your business. Have you noticed that technology companies always use blue and light blue in their logos? Following the psychology of colors, it seems that blue can be used to promote communication and interaction.

Red is the universal color of excitement and passion so, if you want to convey that your brand is peaceful, it’s better if you use another color, maybe green or light blue. 

As you can see, colors impact emotions and they can be the key for a good design. 

Think of your audience

Will your audience be able to identify your brand with this new redesign? You don’t only have to find something that you like, but when working on a redesign, take in mind your audience and their ability to recognise your new brand. 

Integrate your new logo design consistently

When your new logo will be online, remember to put down the old one everywhere, from your website to visit cards or social media. Don’t mix up the two different logos.

Are you working on your business and you don’t know how to create your first logo? Check this article, we will explain to you how to design a great logo in 10 simple steps.

Do you need to refresh it or do you want to redesign your logo? Contact us, we will evaluate your business and we will create the perfect logo for your company.  

Why are logos always being redesigned?

The most common reason behind changing a logo is because it’s become obsolete. You can either refresh or redesign your logo, depending on what your brand needs.

How can I redesign my logo?

First of all, there’s no need to keep the elements that are already working for you. If you want to change other components, you need to keep in mind your audience, your brand colors and remember to update it everywhere.