Times of uncertainty and fear very often lead to budget cuts or at least to overly cautious strategies. Such cases normally involve marketers and advertisers limiting their spending. However, efficiency, agility and accountability are more important than simply cutting back. We’ve written previously about mobile in-app opportunities, but here we’ll take a look at programmatic opportunities.

Digital advertising is also more important than ever. The idea that programmatic is more effective than other digital channels is increasingly widespread. Programmatic is, indeed, a more data-driven way to advertise. Algorithms are based on criteria where results are directly related to spend. That clearly makes it a very valuable environment within the whole digital ecosystem.

Percentage of brands & agencies purchasing programmatically in different channels,

More control and easier optimization

Advertisers know this – even those who have been reticent to invest in it in the past. They now recognize that the flexibility of programmatic buys and real-time control over campaign strategy and spending are essential. Why? Because, just as in our regular lives, we all need to optimize our efforts and resources right now.  

It’s time to change our views about programmatic. It is definitely much more than just another channel or another way to approach our audience. We should see it as a key resource to improve efficiency not just now but in the long term. 

Efficiency and creativity go hand in hand

The fact that this has become a new option for many advertisers will bring positive changes, for example: more diversity, more volume, more quality and, in general, more relevant and curated advertising. Possibly more creativity, too. The current situation has made it obvious: efficiency and creativity go hand in hand. Certainly, advertisers have taken note of it.

Leveraging the opportunity

The e-commerce industry is currently growing more than any other. It s also increasing its spending on programmatic. It seems like a match made in heaven! The question is: how are other industries going to leverage programmatic? And most importantly: how is the programmatic advertising industry going to take advantage of this opportunity?

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is a type of digital advertising that uses automatic technology to buy advertising space for a specific campaign.

How can I leverage programmatic advertising during a crisis?

Programmatic can provide control over your spending and regulate your resources. Also, being creative in your programmatic strategy will provide more efficiency.